This is a flat ride with no more than 200 feet of climb and just on 11 miles depending upon where you start in the village.  You have two options once you have done the Woolstone, these are to come back via Watchfield or to return along the Longcot Road.  This Longcot Road route will be marginally shorter

Our ride starts by going down Stainswick Lane (SL) and turning left into Vicarage Lane (VL).  At the T junction with Longcot Road (LR) turn Right, take care because traffic from your right may not have slowed, and traffic from left tends to be accelerating.

Follow LR for two miles to junction with Majors Road (MR).   The road surface in places is not good so keep your eye on the road and, if necessary, move out to avoid the bumps and pot holes.

At MR crossroad turn Right on to Old Wharf Road and follow under the railway where the road becomes Claypit Lane which doesn’t have a great surface and is narrow in places, after you pass the Dog Studio Sign take next Right into Marsh Lane.  This road is also narrow but has far less traffic than Claypitt Lane.  At the White Horse Inn (where normally you could stop for refreshment) bear left   and continue until you reach T junction with Claypits Lane, Turn Left and follow back to the cross roads (Loncot Road/Majors Rd)


  1.  Return to Shrivenham Via Longcot road.   After 2 miles you hill enter the village and take care at the mini-roundabout, give way as most traffic from your right will be going into the High street.   
  2. Return via  Watchfield Avoiding Roundabouts:   Turn left into Barrington Avenue; this is MoD Land but there are no prohibition signs;  Take first Right into Scholar Close and go almost to the end take the Right turn (Scholar Close 35 -55) and almost immediately you will see a left turn onto a cycle path follow cycle path to Y fork, take right fork and then turn Right as you approach the entrance road to the DA. About 30m before the roundabout you will see a cycle path crossing, cross over and follow cycle path through wooded area to the Traffic Light Controlled crossing just ahead you will see a dropped kerb so with care watching for traffic from behind you can join Faringdon Road (FR).
  3. Return via  Watchfield taking Roundabouts: Continue along MR until roundabout (there is a dirt track on the left which you could take). At roundabout take first left and then at next roundabout watching for traffic from all directions go straight on to Faringdon Road.

Options 2 and 3 Follow Faringdon Road back to Shrivenham. At the golf Course entrance sweeping left hand bend and be ready to slow and give way to oncoming traffic at the Traffic Calming just Past Days Ground.   There is a space on the left of the road but take care if you use it as the end tends to be full of water and or rubbish.  The author prefers to take the primary position at places like this.

As you approach the mini roundabout, check right for the odd bit of traffic that is coming from the High Street and not turning but going on to Longcot road.  

All routes

On the High Street ride about 2 metres away from all the parked cars, keeping an eye out for reversing lights coming on. Just past the Post Office