I’m not sure who the first use of the term ‘Dr Bike’ can be attributed to, but the term Dr Bike means a Bike Check Up session. Just like a surgery or clinic. Dr Bike sessions are being provided by many organisations and employers in Swindon, as a way of promoting safe cycling to school, to work, to university or just open to the general public.

As a Cytech accredited mechanic, Tony and Lew are fully qualified and insured to provide Dr Bike sessions in Swindon for your organisation. The run up to Bike Week (usually in June)  or just after the start of a new term is an ideal time to organisation a session.

Swindon organisations that Lew has delivered Dr Bike sessions for include:

  • Swindon Borough Council
  • New College Swindon (see right)
  • Oxford Brookes University
  • DHL employees at the New B&Q Distribution Centre in April 2013
  • Nationwide
  • BT
  • Research Councils
  • Network Rail
  • Swindon Borough Council Travel Choices Team as preferred supplier of Dr Bike sessions, 2012-2017
  • Morrisons Supermarkets

How do Dr Bike sessions operate?

A temporary bike workshop is set up on site. Members of the organisation are invited and actively encouraged to bring their own bike for an MOT.

The Dr Bike MOT will give the bike owner a written report about the status of their bike.  Small easily solved problems are dealt with on the spot, at little or no cost to the owner. For more difficult problems the owner is given a ‘prescription’ which they can take to any reputable bike shop for bike repairs or servicing.

A selection of cycling accessories such as spare tubes, lights, basic tools, bike oil, locks etc is available for sale at Dr Bike sessions in Swindon.