On this page you can find links to many local rides. This page will be updated from time to time by Lew Lawton and Tony Staples

Swindon Rounds

You will find links to maps of these circular routes, which are about 7 miles in length and mainly (not not entirely) on cycle paths in the townn

The Dorcan Round

The West Swindon Round

The Haydon Wick Round

Shrivenham Cycle Rides

Most of the rides in this series are done anti-clockwise as this way you avoid as many right turns as possible. As well as being a little more dangerous, right turns also mean you probably have to stop and get going again, whereas left turns especially Major-Minor can be taken without stopping so long as your exit and the way ahead is clear. 

Please note that the “Take Care” messages in the route notes are not there to worry you they are simply there to advise you of what we have observed doing the risk assessment.  If the risks were deemed to be anything higher than very low, we would not be publishing the route.

Watchfield Loop 5 miles Flat

Watchfield and Woolstone Loops 11 miles flat

The Shrivenham Snapper

Once you have met the challenges of our other rides then you may feel like this serious challenge; it has one of the area’s toughest climbs, known to local cyclists as Snap hill. not Because its snaps your chain but because there used to a be hamlet near the called Snap.

Leave Shrivenham on Station Road, over the railway and take second right to Bourton, watching for traffic coming towards you before your make the turn. At T junction turn Left and follow towards Hinton Parva.after a Right then Left bend and a small hill you come to a T junction with a triangle of grass, go right hear and take the first Left towards Hinton Parva the road rises but there’s more to come as you take the left fork signed Foxhill.

This is your first test, after you have summited continue to follow the road, over a cross road by The Burg, over the Motorway and to a Staggered crossroads. Take care and cross over and after a litlle more climbing you should enjoy the ride downhill towards the A346 and Chisledon. Take care crossing the Main road and you could stop at the Three Trees cafe (not open Mondays) carry straight on and follow this road, after about a mile the road turns to the left and continue to follow through Draycott Foliat and to Ogbourne St George (take care here as the road twists and turns) pass by the village hall on the left, Jubbs Lane on the left and after a new development on right turn left into Bottom Lane (though I didn’t see a street name) if you miss it don’t worry you can turn Left at the T junction. At the end of Bottom Lane you will be going under a bridge with the A346 above you, continue straight on. Ensure you have a drink here as the real test will begin in about 4 or 5 mins.

You’ll see a farm that supplies milk to Cadbury’s on your right as the hill starts to get a little steeper, but it still easy and you are wondering what all the fuss was about only 3/4 mile more of this after all, but then the road bears left and this sign which was hidden comes into view

By now you should be in your lowest or nearly your lowest gear.  just keep twiddling and eventually the road bends to the right, there is a bit of a false horizon but as you hit the gradient eases off .
When you are over the top carry on about 100 yards and you will find a place to pull over 
https://timeattheforge.co.uk/ The good news is that it’s down hill most of the way to Aldbourne, although there is one small ascent.  Please take care as you come into Aldbourne as the roads are narrow and there are often cars parked in awkward place.  I really recommend the “Time at the Forge” Cafe (see their web site for opening times). it is run by the daughter of an eminent Swindon cyclist and you get real tea pots (with cosies). The corner shop also has a great cafe and you can Refresh at The Crown (all used by the author)

I am afraid there’s another climb in store as you head off on the Lambourne Baydon Road, not as bad as Snap though.   In Baydon at the T Junction turn right, watchout for the traffic calming as you leave the village, over the motorway and quite suddenly the Lambourn turn left sign comes up on you.  Take the turn and whiz down into Lambourn.   The route does not take you down the High Street but if you so wish there is a nice cafe there.

The final stretch is now just ahead.  Take the left turn signed Ashbury and follow, by now you can eat these hills and this way up Ashbury hill is easier than the road from Shriv.   Please take care going down the hill into Ashbury, the road markings are quite severe if you hit them at over 30 MPH (easy to do).   Nearly home and dry, follow the road out of Ashbury turning sharp right and then left past Zulu (not sure qhy it’s called that)  and you can give it full throttle as you are nearly home just the railway bridge to sprint up.

Once back in the Village you deserve a big pat on the back because this is a really challenging ride. Its our bit of Yorkshire

Hope you enjoy the ride.   Please email me if you would like a GPX file.   Sorry I can’t load them onto this web site.