This is generally a flat ride but with a couple of lumps along the way. Because a short part of the route (400 metres) is on the A417 this route is for confident and experienced cyclists.  Total climb is just over 400 ft. and just on 25 miles depending upon where you start in the village. 

Our ride starts by going down Stainswick Lane (SL) and turning left into Vicarage Lane (VL).  At the T junction with Longcot Road (LR) turn Right, take care because traffic from your right may not have slowed, and traffic from left tends to be accelerating.

Follow LR for two miles to junction with Majors Road (MR).   The road surface in places is not good so keep your eye on the road and, if necessary, move out to avoid the bumps and pot holes.

At MR crossroad turn Right on to Old Wharf Road and follow under the railway where the road becomes Claypit Lane which doesn’t have a great surface and is narrow in places, after you pass the Dog Studio go straight on to Uffington.  In Uffington at T Junction (Woolstone Rd) turn Left, then Right at the museum into Broad Street and then keep the green on your right as you pass the Memorial Hall and Shop.   You will a sign for Baulking, turn Left into station road, but the station closed along time ago and continue along Baulking Lane (you don’t go into Baulking) until you reach the A 417 where you turn Right.

After 400m take Left turn following signs for West Haney, Charney Basett and Goosey.  After 2.5 miles you will reach a T Junction with a bending road, Turn Left following signs to Longworth and Charney Bassett (CB).  In CB take the left fork into New road and shortly bear left again joining Buckland Road, follow for nearly two miles into Gainfield, Turn Left.   ( normally After just over half a mile you have the option of continuing into Stanford where you could enjoy tea and cake at the lovely  friendly café nr the Co-op and then returning to this point refreshed).  After half a mile bear right and follow the road through Hatford and back to the staggered Cross Roads with the A417.  You are going across the road but watch out for the big gravel lorries as they turn into the road toward Hatford. Other traffic on the A417 may be going fast to wait for a big gap in the traffic before your cross.

A bit of downhill into Shellingford, keep to your side of the road as it narrows and turns just as you get into the village; then follow straight on to Fernham.  In Fernham you will go quite fast down the hill and then follow the road right but there’s a little climb here so make sure you change down a gear or two and follow the main road past the Woodman through a series of fast turns and on past Farmer Gows (unless you need more refreshment) back to the Longcot Rd/Majors Road Cross roads.

Continue straight on and it’s two miles back to Shrivenham from here.   As you approach the mini roundabout, check right for the traffic that is coming from Watchfield and on into the High Street.  

On the High Street ride about 2 metres away from all the parked cars, keeping an eye out for reversing lights coming on.  Just past the Post Office and the One Stop you complete the ride.  Well done.