It’s always nice to know your NEW bike is set up properly and safe to ride!

Purchased your bicycle from a local reputable dealer? Good news – the dealer will set up your NEW bike up for you and will service it after about 6 weeks of use.

Purchased your bicycle elsewhere?

Are you sure your bike is safe?

For bicycles bought in a box from a supermarket or from an online retailer, then Mobile Cycle Medic can professionally build your bike for you. Should you wish to build it yourself, why not get your bike fully checked by a cycle mechanic in Swindon before you ride it and again after about 6 weeks of use. Why? To tighten any loose bolts and to adjust stretched cables.

Here are a few of the faults we have seen with new bike owners:

  • bikes with the handlebars the wrong way round
  • brakes which stop the tyres (instead of the wheel)
  • loose bolts which should be tight
  • handle bars which turn but the front wheel doesn’t

These things will not happen when your bike is purchased from or built by a reputable bike shop.

The Mobile Cycle Medic Full Bike Set Up Service involves:

  • your bike being built exactly to the manufacturer’s specification and instructions
  • your bike being modified to suit you including adjusting saddle and handlebar height and adjusting brake levers for position and reach
  • your bike being given a full Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) including:
  • Check Brake operation
  • Check Gear Operation
  • Check headset, cranks, pedals, all bolts, quick releases etc are correctly tightened
  • Check all accessories are secure
  • Check all lights (where fitted) are operational
  • Full Safety Check
  • a check up and adjust service after 6 – 10 weeks of use
  • practical advice about how to carry out easy daily checks to keep your bike roadworthy
  • advice on helmet fitting

Buying  a Second Hand Bike

If you purchased your bicycle secondhand or it was given to you by a friend or relative, then Mobile Cycle Medic can set up the bike for you. Depending upon its state components may need replacing. A full service is recommended which includes new brake and gear cables, for your safety.

Click on the link to find out more about buying from eBay or Gumtree