This is a really flat ride with no more than 120 feet of climb and just on 4.5 miles depending upon where you start in the village. 

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Our ride starts outside Bloomfields and takes you down the High Street and straight over the mini-rounbabout along Townsend Rd.  after just over a mile and on the bend in the road you take the left turn towards Bourton taking care over the narrow railway bridge. When you get into Bourton and see the big Pinewood Notice, don’t be tempted to take a short cut by following the Shrivenham signs but follow the road round to the right, you are now on The Hill, follow until you see a small green island with what is probably a war memorial on your left and then take the bend to the right.

There’s a short down hill, but with the exit from Pinewood now on your right you follow the main road to the left and Past Bourton Club.  About half a mile from the centre of Bourton you come to a another green triangle, where you will turn sharp left and follow the road past some houses on your right.

Take care joining the B4000 as you turn left and make your way back to Shrivenham.  You might find the Railway bridge needs quite a low gear; Over the bridge and you know there’s less than a mile to go.   After the Traffic Calming entrance to the village Right turn into  Charlbury Road, and follow round to the right (the road markings here have faded but you have to give way here) Once in Fairthorne Way continue to the end, turn Left in Stainswick and then first Right into Vicarage Lane.  We take you this way for the final climb the little rise up Hazels Lane.   At the top Turn Left with care onto the High Street.    On the High Street ride about 2 metres away from all the parked cars, keeping an eye out for reversing lights coming on.

As you get to Bloomfields you complete the ride.  Well done, time for a coffee and cake