A basic bike service in Swindon should be carried out every 500 miles.

This will give you confidence that your bike remains in good and safe condition and will help you identify potential future problems.

The Mobile Cycle Medic Basic Service includes:

  • basic safety check
  • chain wear check
  • clean of chain and gears, followed by re-lubrication
  • re-indexing of gears if required
  • adjustment of brakes, checking brake blocks and cables
  • adjustment of bearings in wheels, headset and bottom bracket

If it is necessary to replace parts such as Brake Pads, Brake or Gear Cables, Chains or other parts then this can generally be done during the same visit but at extra cost

Although we will clean your chain and gears we don’t offer a bike washing service and therefore we expect your bike to be in a reasonable state of cleanliness.