You need to know your brakes will stop you when you need them, don’t you?

After a period of use the brake blocks on your bike will become worn, their surfaces become shiny and your cables may become corroded. These problems will affect the way your brakes work.

Mobile Cycle Medic suggest that you have your brakes serviced annually or at least every two years depending upon how much action your bike gets.

The Mobile Cycle Medic Brake Service for standard rim brakes includes:

  • Replacing brake blocks
  • Replacing all cables (inners and outers)
  • Replacing lead tubes and boots
  • Replacing the cable adjusters (if necessary)
  • Checking the operation of the calipers and levers
  • Lubricating the moving parts and cables
Component Parts/Suppliers:
  • Weldite and Fribrax blocks and galvanized steel cables
  • Livewire Stainless Steel Inners
  • Shimano Stainless Steel inners for high end road and MTB
  • Clarks Campag compatible stainless steel cable
  • Alternative brands can be sourced – please ask

Disk Brake Service:   Please call 07962 118849 and speak to me as Disk Brakes require different types of servicing from replacing pads and disks, to bleeding hydraulic systems.   Only cable operated disk brakes can be “adjusted” in the traditional sense of the word.