Mobile Cycle Medic, your mobile bike mechanic in Swindon, will keep your bike in top condition so together you and your bike can stay fit and healthy!

Mobile Cycle Medic will help you maintain your bike, so you can ride it for many years. Did you know that I am still riding a bike that is over 20 years old!!

Why is it important to service your bike on a regular basis?

To ensure your brakes, gears, pedals and wheels keep working efficiently.  My best advice: Don’t leave it until the brakes fail to get your local Swindon mechanic to look at your bike.

When things do go wrong Mobile Cycle Medic in Swindon can help with:

  • fitting new brakes and brake levers
  • fitting new gear shifters and new gear mechanisms
  • rebuilding wheels or replacing spokes and truing wheels
  • replacing worn chain, gear sprockets and chain rings
  • replacing bent pedals and cranks
  • replacing saddle and handlebars
  • fitting child seats, stands, paniers, lights, computers and more
“Many thanks for repairing my bike Lew, it runs like new”
S Lewington,