On this page you can find links to many local rides.   This page will be updated from time to time by Lew Lawton and Tony Staples




If you fancy riding in a completely traffic free environment (except for 100 other cyclists then pop along to Castle Coombe on Summer Tuesday evenings .  It’s only £3.00 more details from Andy Cook.   5.30pm till 8pm or when it gets dark. Last ride is last Tues of September.

Many people, including me are inviting others to join them for rides.  Log on to British Cycling’s  www.letsride.co.uk and search for rides near your postcode .

Keep an eye on the events page of the Swindon Bicycle User Group Web site for details of rides


Here are some routes Shrivenham folk might like to try

Shriv-Faringdon Loop 28 Kms

Shrivenham lambourne Loop 40 Kms

Shrivenham Aston Pottery Loop

This is a great fast and relatively flat ride.  The route out of Shrivenham takes you through Longot and Ferham and through a few more delightful villages to Kingston Bagpuise,   Take care going over the A420, you need to be in the middle lane approaching the roundabout.  Watch out for the left Turn in Standlake  and after Cote do not follow the sign which says Aston Works but stay on the main road and just as you leave the village you will find Aston Pottery on your left.  They welcome cyclists and serve great food and cakes. (don’t forget to pick up a loyalty card as you will definitely go again).   Suitably refreshed leave the Pottery and turn right and head off to Bampton.   If you are a Downton Abbey fan you may want to spend some time here, as this is where many of the outside scenes were filmed.  You can download a leaflet here.   As you get into Clanfield you turn Right on Bourton road towards Black Bourton, then onto Alvescott, Little Faringdon and Letchlade.   Take care at the lights on the bridge as road narrows and then follow the A 361 to Highworth.  If you want to come off the A 361 do this at Inglesham and follow to Coleshill, it creates bit of short cut.  Turn left at the first roundabout just before Highworth and follow Roundhills Mead.   There is a bit of climb here but it’s easier than going on the main road with the traffic lights.  Just after the Co-op take first left at the roundabout and then its straight back to Shrivenham.  There is a fork in the road, Left for Watchfield, Right for Shrivenham, which ever you take, there is a small narrow bridge, please take care and observe the traffic priority at the bridges.

Hope you enjoy the ride.   Please email me if you would like a GPX file.   Sorry I can’t load them onto this web site.

Hilly 32 Miler

this ride is NOT for the feint heated as it takes in one of Swindon’s toughest climbs which is hard up and very fast down!!!!!!

Leave Shriv on Station road, over the railway and follow the road to the left.  After 1/4 mile take right turn to Bourton.

Bear left leaving Bourton and follow towrads Hinton Parva, just before HP take the left fork and start the climb to Foxhill.  This is your first climbing test.  Over the motorway, across the staggered juction towards Chiseldon.  Take care Crossing the A 346 (8 mile point) at the The Three Trees cafe.  You may want to stop for a breather, they are really nice people there.  Take a look around their farm shop and vow to come back for some great sausages.  You are then a slightly undulating road through Draycott Foliatt and on to Ogbourne St George.  at the left bend just before Ogbourne please take care as the road i quite fast and twists and turns.  Watch out for the left turn just before the T junction (if you miss it never mind, turn left at the T, but visibility not great here so take care).  Bear left at the main road and go under the bridge and straight on.  This is the start of Snap Hill (named after a small, now derelict village that once used to be at the top http://www.abandonedcommunities.co.uk/snap.html).  Afetr 400 yards you will go round a left bend and see the sign which tells you the gradient is 17%,

By now you should be in your lowest or nearly your lowest gear.  just keep twiddling and eventually the road bends to the right, there is a bit of a false horizon but as you hit the gradient eases off .

When you are over the top carry on about 100 yards and you will find a place to pull over 


The good news is that its down hill most of the way to Aldbourne, although there is one small ascent.  Please take care as you come into Aldbourne as the roads are narrow and there are often cars parked in awkward place.  I can recommend the Crown, we used it many times on Sky Rides  and you can take your bike into the garden.


I am afraid there’s another climb in store as you head off on the Lambourne Baydon Road, not as bad as Snap though.   In Baydon at the T Junction turn right, watchout for the traffic calming as you leave the village, over the motorway and quite suddenly the Lambourn turn left sign comes up on you.  Take the turn and whiz down into Lambourn.   The route does not take you down the High Street but if you so wish there is a nice cafe there.

The final stretch is now just ahead.  Take the left turn signed Ashbury and follow, by now you can eat these hills and this way up Ashbury hill is easier than the road from Shriv.   Please take care going down the hill into Ashbury, the road markings are quite severe if you hit them at over 30 MPH (easy to do).   Nearly home and dry, follow the road out of Ashbury turning sharp right and then left past Zulu (not sure qhy it’s called that)  and you can give it full throttle as you are nearly home just the railway bridge to sprint up

Hope you enjoy the ride.   Please email me if you would like a GPX file.   Sorry I can’t load them onto this web site.






Hilly 25 Miler  

If you feel like taking on two of our local climbs then this is for you.

The ride takes you out of Shrivenham along Station road to Ashbury where you first test will come as you find the right gear to go up Ashbury Hill; the gradient changes a couple of times as you go up but the last section is less steep.  Then it’s a long winding decent into the valley just before Lambourn, a couple of bumps there.  In Lambourn turn left at the cross roads and keep bearing left taking the road signed Kington Lisle; there is a 4 mile climb but it’s not steep as you climb towards and then over the ridgeway.   Once you hit the steep descent you will be on Blowing Stone Hill; try this route the other way round and you will find this is a short sharp bugger of a hill, but going down you need to be careful.  The give way sign is your signal to go slow (that means SLOW) as there is gravel at the bottom and you don’t want to slide into the major road ahead.  Make sure you are in a medium to low gear before the left turn as there is  a short sharp climb immediately after. Follow the road up and down and round the bends past Britchcombe Farm which does nice teas on Sat and Sun during the summer months.  The Cross Roads sign indicates your left turn up the notorious Dragon Hill to the White Horse.   Get the right gear as soon as possible, probably your lowest and don’t slow down until you have gone over the cattle grid.   The gradient changes a few times but once you get to the right hander you know you’re nearly there.  Once over the top, follow the road over two more cattle grids and turn right to descend.  This road is a bit grotty to start with.  It’s narrow and you will meet cars coming up.  At the Cross roads take care crossing over and again take care coming into Woolstone, where you will turn left at The White Horse Inn (unless you stop for a beer).   It’s a single track road which is quite fast to ride on to a T junction, where it’s left again, round a right hander, then under the railway back towards Longcot.  The route shown takes you up Majors Road back through Watchfield.  Majors Road is probably the worst road locally to cycle because the surface is appalling.  So you may wish to turn left at the cross roads and head straight back to Shrivenham.

Hope you enjoy the ride.   Please email me if you would like a GPX file.   Sorry I can’t load them onto this web site.

Shriv to Marlborough Return 48 Miles

Route Distance: 47.7 Mi
Total Ascent: 2743 ft

This route takes you to Marlborough Via Bourton, Hinton Parva, Albourne, Axford and Mildenhall.  There are several cafes in Marlborough, my favourite is in the Waitrose Car Park by the River at the Christian bookshop.  Many cyclists, including me, also stop at Café Thirty 8.

The return journey takes you on a slightly more southern route out of Marlborough rejoining some of the Axford outward leg for a while but taking the Ramsbury sign as you exit Axford.  In Ramsbury you turn left (thus avoiding the notorious Spring Hill) and you wind your way back to Aldbourne but instead of following your outward pedals steps to take the climb to Baydon and then Lambourne, Uffington and Home.

Email cycle [dot] medic [at] btinternet [dot] com  for a GPX file of this route

Routes for Hybrids and MTB’s

Here are two rides that that Mobile Cycle Medic explored during Bike Week 2013. (NCN = National Cycle Network). Please note: These routes are NOT suitable for road racing bikes.

Other local links include:

The National Cycle Network in Swindon

Bike Ride Routes

“Just had an awesome two days riding in Forest of Dean and Swinley forest- no gear issues, just smooth riding! Thanks for sorting out my bike so quickly