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This maybe an ideal time to get your bike fixed!

Please be aware, I can still operate during this on-going crisis we are presently experiencing. I can pick up bikes whilst maintaining my distance from others, and take them home. We can communicate on the phone, I can conduct repairs in my garage, I’ll send you an invoice via email and you can pay online. If I experience any health problems, I’ll be sure to let you know!

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  1. Linda Culling

    Hi there. Please could you service my bike? Its a Carrera from Halfords, Subway 1. I need the brakes and gears serviced and a new saddle – don’t suppose you supply and fit?

    • Antony Staples

      Hi Linda,

      Sure, can you text me your address on 07904 522652.


  2. Caroline Hunt

    Hi, I’m looking to get my Kona bike back on the road. It’s been stood in my garage for around 5 years, but hasn’t done many miles. It looks to need a new inner tube/tire, and the chain looks quite slack. Could you give me an idea of cost please? I know you won’t know until you see it. Happy to send photos if that would help.

    • Antony Staples

      Hi Caroline, sorry its taken a while to get back to you. Rather busy at the mo. R u happy to text me 07904 522652 and all call you back to arrange.

  3. Matthew Pellow

    Hi Anthony. I’ve got a Cube Attain Pro road bike with a Shimano Sora group set. I need the front derailleur changing as well as the cable. The back wheel has also got a slight wobble so I think the hub needs a service. I’m happy to source the derailleur. When would you be able to do this work.
    Thanks in advance.

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