Butchers need bikes too

Replaced  handle bars and first part of old brake rods and fitted a brand new Pashley headset.   Next had to remove the old Bottom Bracket  which turned out to be a bit of a bugger.

Here it is not wanting to be removed from the BB shell that had been its home for the last “who knows how many years”

Then I was able to re-tap the BB shell threads, fit a new BB cottered axle, a bright new shiny chainset and new, but old fashioned, pedals .    More pictures later


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Cycling and The National trust

More and more organisations are realizing that offering cycling opportunities can boost their attendance, revenue and support.  I just saw something about the National Trust now welcoming cyclists to their properties.  OK so you’re not going to cycle round a Stately Home but they own plenty of lovely landscape to explore




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CTC guide for Planning for Cycling

Have a read of this guide, and when you next get a chance to badger someone about better cycling facilities, on road and off, you’ll have some ammunition


The CTC has just produced this guide for council decision makers www.ctc.org.uk/sites/default/files/1404-space-for-cycling-guide-local-decision-makers.pdf

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When to change a chain

Some customers seem very surprised when I tell them that their chain is worn.  I think that they think I am just trying to get more work but honestly that is not the case.  Many gear problems and many of the reasons that riding the bike is no longer the pleasure it was is due to chain wear.

I found a great article from the London Cyclist Web Site and rather than simply repeat it here I will provide a link

http://www.londoncyclist.co.uk/when-should-you-replace-your-bike-chain/.    So thanks to Andreas at London Cyclist for producing such an informative article.   I would point out though that if you have a top brand road or mountain bike the chances are that chains and cassettes cost a few quid more.  Perhaps this an even better reason to change your chain before it wears out too much




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What to do after a road accident

Passing on some valuable advice from the CTC

1. report it to the police and on www.roadjustice.org.uk

2.  Take photos and check if there is any CCTV about

3.  Get help from passers by

4.  Collect Driver, witness and Police details

5.  Keep a record of injuries and expenses



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Stupid Bloody Cyclists

My take on a few stupid cyclists and motorists.

This is my rant about the few stupid people who ride bikes badly and get all cyclists a bad name.  I was prompted to write this after seeing a guy wearing all black riding his MTB EAST along Oxford Road at about 4.30 pm one January Evening recently.  He was drinking from a can (I think it was lager, the can was green, but can’t be sure) with his left hand, his right hand was holding his full shopping bag on the handle bars.  He was on the road NOT the cycle path on the other side of the road. You can guess he was NOT riding in a straight line!! And if he had lights, they were not switched on!!!

What can be done to stop:

Cyclists jumping RED lights.
Overtaking lorries and busses on the left hand side.
Riding without lights.
Riding on the pavements sometimes forcing pedestrians into the road.  Yes I saw this on Ermin Street a year ago!
Riding on the pavement, then because pedestrians are there jumping onto the road without any care about vehicles behind.
Wearing dark clothing especially at night.

I could rave on for months about people cycling on pavements, I have even seen people on electric bikes doing up to 12mph on the pavement.  This is just not fair on pedestrains who now become the frightened ones, because the bike rider is too afraid to cycle on the road.  There are no roads in Swindon which are not cycleable.  I would discount the A419 and A420 and such roads for novice riders.  With a about 8 hours training almost all bike riders could be turned into competent road cyclists.

On Radio 4 this week, there […]

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Help us keep the routes open for cyclists

Cyclists Help Needed to keep the National Cycle Network Open

Cycling is really taking off in Swindon, thanks in part to the success of Brits in world class cycling events.  More and more people are taking to their bikes and looking for new places to ride.   Swindon boasts an extensive network of off road cycling routes many of which have been provided by Swindon Borough Council.

A significant part of Swindon’s cycling infrastructure is part of the National Cycle Network which last year attracted over three million people who made an amazing 485 million journeys many of which were to everyday destinations; 23% for work or education, and 12% for shopping.

In the Swindon Area the National Cycle Networks follows the route of the long ceased Midland and South West Junction Railway.  It follows the main road up from Marlborough, through Chisledon , over the M4 to Coate Water and after passing through Lawn, Old Town, Rushy Platt, Barnfield, Moulden Hill and Oakhurst it heads off via Blunsdon on its way through Cricklade and South Cerney.

A team of dedicated volunteers helps to keep this route well signed and open for cycle traffic throughout the year.  The Americans call autumn “the Fall” for good reason and regrettably all these leaves can make cycling a little less safe than we would like.  So a work day has been arranged on Sat 7th December to remove them from the part of the route.  If you are a keen off road cyclist this is your chance to help keep the wheels rolling by helping the Rangers clear the fallen leaves off the path between Coate Water and Chiseldon.

The day will also appeal to conservationists and to anyone who likes spending time […]

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Swindon BUG Network Event

A great event held at Broad Town community centre last month

read the Chairmans report   and HEADLINES V 1 from Event and 2013 AGM

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