Lew Lawton’s Cycling Podcasts

These podcasts are created for broadcast during the Roundabout Swindon programme on Swindon 105.5 (  between 9am and 10 am on Friday morinings.  The idea is to increase the awareness of the cycling opportunities that exist in and around Swindon, or to tell the stories of some of our local cyclists.   If you have a story that you would like to tell on air.  Please contact me, Lew Lawton, on 07387 269456 or drop an email to cycle [dot] medic [at] btinternet [dot] com.  I’d love to hear from you.

Podcast  23   How to Teach kids to ride on two wheels and getting started on that new bike you got for Christmas

As it’s a new year, many people will have received bikes for Xmas. Lew Lawton offers some tips for training small children to ride confidently without stabilisers and suggests how you can get more pleasure form your new bike by having it serviced and joining one of the many free bike rides run by British Cycling trained ride leaders…..

Podcasts 20,21, and 22 were about Christmas presents and reviews of the podcast thru the year so have not been published here

Podcast 19   Denis Hedges  probably Swindon’s oldest competitive cyclist

Denis Hedges is known to many Swindon racing cyclists as a formidable opponent.  Still competing every now and then despite his senior years he also likes to volunteer at cycling events and in some Swindon cycle shops.  Lew invited Denis into the studios for a cuppa after one of his Monday Morning rides to South Cerney and back……


Podcast 18   Mr Mitchell from Mitchell Cycles

Lew went on a break so we rebroadcast an interview that Adrian Gough did with Mr M during the summer.  It is relevant today as Mr M talks about buying […]

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Focus Cayo Full Carbon Road Bike For Sale price reduced

Full Shimano 105 10 speed Group Set inc 3 speed FC 5703 Chainset 50/39/30 chain rings with 170.00 mm cranks; cassette 12/27; latest 105 Brakes, easy to replace Bottom Bracket   Original DT Swiss wheels with Schwalbe Durano Etape Tyres nearly new.   No Pedals fitted. 2 water bottle holders will be fitted.  Recently serviced which included complete strip down clean and grease and in vgc. Except some minor paintwork damage on top tube when I removed a Ride London 100 sticker.  Current Owner 5ft 8” with 30” inside leg. For pictures please download the PDF below

Focus Cayo Full Carbon road Bike 2014 Size 51cms

Original price around £1700.  Asking price £500.00

Call Lew Lawton  07387 269456

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Lew Riding For Motor Neurone Disease Association

Lew Lawton , the mechanic who set up Mobile Cycle Medic 10 years ago is using his new found spare time to get out on his bike.  He is riding the Prudentail Ride London 100 mile event at the end of July 2018.   This is his story about why!!


Ex Major (TOT) Chas Dowie is an old friend of mine who is now in a wheel chair having contracted Motor Neurone Disease a couple of years ago.  The prognosis is not good.  I met him last year and was humbled by his fortitude, good humour and the fact that he is helping the MND association.

“Chas Dowie served in the Army (Royal Signals) for 33 years; he was very active and enjoyed successful athletics career whilst serving in the military. He ran 100m, 200m and 400m for the army and combined services; he also ran at county level and was the Army’s 200m champion for 2 years.
He also loved long distance running, orienteering and skiing. He was skiing when he first noticed the signs that something was wrong, he started to fall over and couldn’t get up and started to notice that he didn’t have full control over his legs and started to lose power/ function in his muscles. He noticed that his physical abilities started to change, and he identified symptoms indicative of MND.
Chas volunteered for full body MRI scans and (needle-less) EMG testing. The results of that research has been published and the outcome is a much quicker diagnosis of MND – and an objective tool for assessing MND ‘cures’. Chas was only 1 of 3 people to complete this research in UK.

Care for the carer is his mantra – hope you can appreciate […]

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Castles Bike Ride Presentation

Val Jones receives a new bike donated by Mitchel Cycles in recognition of her fundraising efforts during the 2017 Macmillan Castles Bike ride

Pictured are (L to R) Val Jones, Edward Jones, Janice Mitchell, Lew Lawton and Mr M(itchell)
For the past 21 years, with one exception due to the Foot and Mouth issue, bike riders from Swindon and around have taken part in the MacMillan Castles Bike.  Originally a mountain bike event only this year course organiser Lew Lawton, the Mobile Cycle Medic, opened the event up to road bike riders (or roadies) and put on a challenging 24 mile road ride incorporating one of Swindon’s most respected hill climbs.

Whilst the roadies were pitting themselves against Snap Hill on the Ogbourne St George to Aldbourne Road, the Mountain bikers were facing similar tests on the off-road route via Barbury Castle, Hackpen, Rockley and Ogbourne St Andrew.

Riders are asked to raise sponsorship for Macmillan Cancer support and many, like Val Jones above raise huge sums for this important charity.  Riders often sport jerseys proclaiming they are riding in memory of a lost love one, or simply donate so they can enjoy a great day out in the countryside on their bike.  Each year Mitchel Cycles in Shrivenham Road donate a bike which is given as a prize to the person raising the most sponsorship.  This year Val Jones from West Swindon won for the second time and has given her bike to her son,                    , so he can ride the event next year

The event takes about 6 months of planning and would not take place with out the assistance of the 50 or so marshals that man the road crossings and junctions to help keep everyone […]

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Lew’s Ventoux Adventure

This is my belated Mont Ventoux Blog  12-14 Sept 2017

You can probably trace my adventure to Ventoux back to that fateful day on July 13 1967 when my Hero Tommy Simpson died during the Tour De France.   At the time I had no idea whereabouts in France this mountain was, but as young, ambitious, but not very good schoolboy racing cyclists, my younger brother and I were distraught.  I remember my father buying and writing a card to Helen Simpson.
Years and years past.   My father, who had been active in days of the British League of Racing Cyclists (BLRC) and as a former president of the British Cycling Federation often went in some form of official capacity to the Tour De France, died.  We found a large framed Black and White photo of Simpson  in his Peugeot rainbow jersey after he won the World Championships.  
I have no idea what happened to that photo, but I have seen many similar in print over the years.
By the time of my father’s death I was well into my Army career and had not cycled for a while.  It was not until 1990 that I purchased a bike to ride to work from my married quarter in Colerne to my office in Corsham. Between then and now my interest in cycling has grown and grown to the stage where my wife, Betsy, would say I am fanatical.
Between 2003 and 2009 I completed four multiday bike rides in Sinai, China, Peru and Nepal, as well as a couple of London to Brighton’s.  If there was a bug, I had it!
Two or three years ago whilst visiting friends in France to watch a stage of TdF, the […]

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Lew’s Ventoux Playlist

To help keep the motivation going I created a playlist of hi energy tunes to play whilst climbing Mont Ventoux.  Each ride was 2 to 3 hours riding, continually pushing the pedals over gradients ranging from 5 to 13%.  I kept the volume low so I could hear any traffic.   PS I have just invested in the latest Bone Conduction Ear Pieces which leave my ears open.

My Mont Ventoux Playlist
Killer.  Adamski   Openning lines “Lonelyness is the killer”
Feel the vibe  Axwell
9pm (till I Come). ATB
Sandstorm   Darude   Actually no sand just rocks
Nightmare. Brainbug
Operation Blade. Public Domain
Saltwater. Chicane
Greece 2000. Three Drives
Blow Ya Mind.  Lock’n’Load
The Theme. Jurgen Vries
Strange World.  Push
Everyday.  Agneil and Nielson
Beautiful.   Matt Derey
Time to Burn.  Storm
Rhythm of the Night.  Corona
Not over yet.   Grace   once at the top it is over
Born Slippy.   Underworld
Lady hear me tonight.   Modjo
Take me to the Clouds above. LMC Vs U2   title says it all really
Touch me.   Rue De Silva
It feels so good.    Sonique   yup at the top it does feel so good
Out of touch.   Uniting Nations
You’re a Superstar.  Love Inc.  I felt like a star
The Weekend.   Michael Gray
Good Luck.   Basement Jaxx    not that I needed good luck
I Like the Way.   BodyRockers   did anybody like the way I moved?
It’s Love.  Goldtrix
Praise You.    Fatboy Slim
Rock da House.  Tall Paul
Bullet in the Gun.   Planet Perfection
Resurection.  PPK
Castles in the Sky.  Ian Van Dahl
Tocas’s Miracle.   Fragma
Pretty Green Eyes.  Ultrabeat
Fly on the wings of Love. XTM
THe Logical Song.  Scooter
Set You Free.   N Trance
The Power.  Snap
Pump up the Jam.  Technotronic
Everybody’s Free.   Rozalle
Dreamer.    Livin’ Joy
No limit. 2 unlimited.  (Check out the lyrics for mountain riding)
The Key, The Secret.  Urban Cookie Collective
Sunshine after […]

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Motorists driving too close??? Help Do Something About it

I received this letter from  Paul Tuohy Chief Executive Cycling UK

Would you be prepared to donate a small sum to help educate bad motorists for the benefit of all cyclists ??

Dear Lewis

For the majority of cyclists throughout the UK, close passes can be an almost daily occurrence. I don’t need to tell you how intimidating they are, we all know it, and all want something to be done about it.

That’s why today Cycling UK has launched our Too Close for Comfort campaign: to put an end to dangerously close overtaking.

We’ve seen the excellent work done by West Midlands Police with their innovative and cost efficient ‘Give Space, Be Safe’ operation. Plain clothes officers out on bikes have been pulling over close passing drivers, and using a ‘safe pass’ mat have educated (and prosecuted where necessary) them on how to carry out safer overtaking.

I want to see every police force throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland doing the same, which is why we need to raise £12,000 and are appealing to you to help us. With this money we will, make sure every police force can educate drivers how to overtake vulnerable road users safely, just like West Midlands Police.

But why should we have to stump up our cash for the police? It’s simple really, years of government cuts has left them under resourced where we would like to see it most: roads policing.

Our campaign will help make cycling safer, not just for you, but your family, friends and everyone else

We only need 1,200 of our members to donate just £10 to make this happen and put an end to overtaking that is too close for comfort.

I hope I can count on your support – […]

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West Midlands Police to prosecute bad driving

West Midland Police recently tweeted the picture above and said that prosecuting bad driving was a sure way to improve cyclists’ safety.   I agree, both as a cyclist and as a motorist.

Lets hope they start putting bad drivers before the courts BEFORE they maim and injure someone and NOT after.

follow  @WMpolice   Their tweet on 16 Sept read “Anyone encroaching inside that safe passing distance could be prosecuted for driving without due care and attention.”

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My Top 10 Tips

How to keep your bike in good condition

Your bike can give you years of service if you look after it.  Granted you may not want to do all your own servicing but some basic preventative maintenance will keep your servicing bills down.

Here are my TOP 10 Tips …..

 Keep the chain and all parts of the gear mechanisms as clean as you can, especially both sides of those little jockey wheels on the rear mech.  You can buy a cheap sprocket brush and some concentrated de-greaser fluid to help.
Once clean and dry you should LIGHTLY oil the chain.  Use a synthethic Wet Lube for normal riding in the UK.  One drop on each link roller is all you need. Too many folk over oil the chain, or worse oil it when it’s dirty and wonder why it wears out quickly.  Expect 1500 miles from a well looked after chain.
Buy a chain wear guage and replace your chain when it become 0.75% worn.  Doesn’t sound a lot I know but bear in mind 1% would be 1.14 links extra length on a standard chain.
Keep your tyres well inflated.  In dry condition at or very near the max recommended pressure (never over).  This will reduce the incidence of punctures and the tyres will “roll” better and you’ll go faster.  In wet or muddy condition you can reduce this to midway between min and max pressures.
When you clean your bike, take a few moments to check the state of your brake blocks.  Don’t let them wear unevenly or too far and check that the faces are not picking up specks of aluminium from the wheel.
Modern Aluminium wheels also wear out.  Many have […]

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Coaching for Junior Cyclists

Now the younger cyclists get a chance to go racing in a safe environment.   British Cycling coach Sean Bolton has set a great series of activties aimed at getting more youngsters into competitive cycling

To take part and find out where and when   go to



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