This page features the podcasts that Lew Lawton produces for broadcast each Friday morning around 9.15am for Swindon 105.5, the community radio station for Swindon by Swindon  Sept 13

Edition 52  The Garmin Ride Out

Lew got a chance to ride with some of the professionals who are taking part in the Tour Of Britain, he also caught up with an olympic gold medlaist

Sept 6  Edition 51  Tour of Britain, The Cycle Show and buying a lock

Two big cycling events coming up soon.  The opportunity to see some top class cyclists, including Mark Cavendish in action on British Roads, and another to try out the latest bikes.  There’s also some advice on how to choose the right lock for your prized bike

Aug 30 Edition 50 Guided Rides and the World Championships

Yorkshire is set to be the focus of  the cycling world at the end of September as the world road championships are to be based in Harrogate from 22 to 29th.  The races will be held in many parts of the three ridings.

Aug 17  Edition 49  Cycling in the Alps

No Podcast last week as Lew was on his way to France to experience the joys (if that is the right word) of cycling up to 2000 metres above sea level and beyond riding in the wheel prints of famous cyclists like last year’s Tour de France winner Geraint Thomas. 

The web sites mentioned in this weeks podcast are  and for general info about the town where Lew stayed

Aug 9 Edition 48

As we reported last week some local cyclists have set their sights on LEJOG or Land’s End to John O Groats.  However the two people that Lew talked to have got very different ideas on they would tackle the 850 miles plus journey.   The Recycles Cycling Club actually completed their ride this week, whilst a rider from Swindon Wheelers is still planning his ride and waiting for favourable weather…..

Click here to watch Paul just before they start day 10

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Aug 2  Edition 47

3 editions to go till we reach edition 50  A lot to report on this week, including two very different cycling events that took place weekend, an invitation to join Lew on a family Friendly ride on Sunday 4th Aug.  There’s also news of a team of four Swindon cyclists who are members of the Salvation Army’s Recycles Cycle Shop’s own cycling club as they take on the challenge of LEJOG (Land’s End 2 John O’Groats).

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The email address for Ben Humphrey to register your interest in attending a Road Cycling Confidence Course is BHumphrey [at] Swindon [dot] gov [dot] uk


July 26th Edition 46

This week has been a week where several people in Swindon have been thinking about Disabled People and Cycling.  In Swindon there are many opportunities for ALL people to ride a bike, but like many places there are also a few obstacles.  Lew attended a training course this week to help improve things, Becky Cox came into the studio to explain what obstacles still remain and there’s news of a guided ride that almost everyone can take part in.

July 19th Edition 45

At the end of July, Faringdon will see many sporting and leisure cyclists taking part in the “TDF”, no not Tour De France, but Tour De Farcycles.  Sjoert Vojt one of the group tells us all about it

July 12th

With the Tour De France in full swing you would think that on a Sunday afternoon Lew would be glued to the TV watching the race, but not at all.  Last Sunday he was out in Faringdon for Swindon105.5 covering the opening of a brand new cycle training facility for kids (and grown ups)


July 6th

Last week end Lew took part in the first ever Hydraride Sportive. The event was organised by Friends of Lethbridge School and attracted 70 cyclists. The weekend also saw the British Road Race Championships in Norwich, and we have two new national champions as you’ll hear. To contact Ben Humphrey about the courses mentioned call 07815 776593 or email bhumphrey [at] swindon [dot] gov [dot] uk

June 28th Lew Lawton considers what he missed whilst away on his holidays and look forward to the Tour De France. Sjoerd Vogt of the Farcycles group describes how the town went mad on the Glorious 12th of June To contact Ben Humphrey about the courses mentioned call 07815 776593