These podcasts are created for broadcast during the Roundabout Swindon programme on Swindon 105.5 (  between 9am and 10 am on Friday mornings.  The idea is to increase the awareness of the cycling opportunities that exist in and around Swindon, or to tell the stories of some of our local cyclists.   If you have a story that you would like to tell on air.  Please contact me, Lew Lawton, on 07387 269456 or drop an email to cycle [dot] medic [at] btinternet [dot] com .  I’d love to hear from you

Podcast 32  A new road cycling event in Swindon

For cyclists wishing to give themselves a bit of a challenge without entering the realms of cycle racing, the cycle sportive is the answer.  The number of sportives in the UK calendar is growing like topsy, but many of the events seem to be over distances which are well outside the comfort zone of people who have only been cycling a few years or have just come back; so it’s good to hear about a new sportive coming to Swindon in which the shortest distance is 34miles although the long course is 54 miles.  James Nethercott came to the Swindon105.5 studios to tell Lew about.  This podcast also has information on cycle training for adults and free guided rides.

Podcast 31  An autistic youngster takes on a 50 mile bike ride challenge

Peter Elliot Howell from Liden is taking on a bike ride challenge to help fund a vounteering trip to Kenya in 2020.   He talked me recently about his interests (which don’t include cycling!!!),  What he will be doing in Kenya and how he hopes his bike ride will help with some of the funding.  I know he would be grateful if you could spare just a few pounds.  The fundraising site can be found at    Also in this edition Kate Davidson and I chat about how to use OS maps to plan off ride cycling routes.

Podcast 30.   Mountain Biking Swindon

There might not be any mountains in Swindon, but that’s doesn’t mean there aren’t any Mountain Bikes as Lew found out when he invited Kate Davidson into the studio to talk about the activities of one of Swindon’s Mountain Bike Clubs.   There’s also a musical interlude from Lew’s grand daughter, Chloe Castro.



Podcast 29  The Traffic Free Cycle Circuit at Odd Down nr Bath

Ever wondered what a cycling utopia might look like.  Join Lew Lawton as he finds out.  Learn more here


Podcast 28  Preparing for a ride and avoiding punctures

Now that the good weather has arrived (well for a while)  Lew provides some tips for preparing for a ride and how to avoid those pesky punctures.


Podcast 27  The Croft Mountain Bike Trail

Swindon may not have any mountains for for many local Mountain Bikers the croft trail is a great place to learn new skills, or hone existing ones.  Lew Talks to Steve Smith the guy who original built the Croft mountain Bike Trail


Podcast 26   Castles Bike Ride 2 June 2019

Lew is also the organiser of the Castles bike ride which attracts about 300 riders in June each year.  Here he talks about the events and makes a request for volunteers to help run the event.


Podcast 25  Ride Leaders needed to deliver a free Guided Ride Programme in Swindon

Swindon Borough Council in association with British Cycling and HSBC is promoting a series of free guided rides which will be suitable for new cyclists, those returning to cycling and cycling with children. New volunteer ride leaders are required and in March there will be a one day course to equip volunteers with the skills needed. Lew Lawton went to find out more. The website for the rides is find a ride near you and for ride leaders add /volunteer.  The web site for ideas on teaching your child to ride is teach your child to ride


Podcast 24  The White Horse Challenge

For the past 5  years the  Mobile Cycle Medic, initially in the guise of Lew Lawton, but now in the hands of Tony Staples, has provided Race Mechanic support to one of the Swindon’s popular Sportives, The White Horse Challenge.  For Swindon 105.5 Community Radio, Lew took his microphone out recently to meet organiser Fergal McGraph and two local riders who participated in last year’s event to get the latest update on this early sportive.   Our chat was recorded in a noisy canteen at Honda in South Marston

Podcast  23   How to Teach kids to ride on two wheels and getting started on that new bike you got for Christmas

As it’s a new year, many people will have received bikes for Xmas. Lew Lawton offers some tips for training small children to ride confidently without stabilisers and suggests how you can get more pleasure form your new bike by having it serviced and joining one of the many free bike rides run by British Cycling trained ride leaders…..

Podcasts 20,21, and 22 were about Christmas presents and reviews of the podcast thru the year so have not been published here

Podcast 19   Denis Hedges  probably Swindon’s oldest competitive cyclist

Denis Hedges is known to many Swindon racing cyclists as a formidable opponent.  Still competing every now and then despite his senior years he also likes to volunteer at cycling events and in some Swindon cycle shops.  Lew invited Denis into the studios for a cuppa after one of his Monday Morning rides to South Cerney and back……


Podcast 18   Mr Mitchell from Mitchell Cycles

Lew went on a break so we rebroadcast an interview that Adrian Gough did with Mr M during the summer.  It is relevant today as Mr M talks about buying bikes for Christmas.


Podcast 17   John Phipps   Cycling UK and Swindon Cycle Campaign

Recently John joined Lew helping to replace some cycle path signage in the Dorcan and Liden areas.  As the cycle path went right past the 105.5 studios they popped in for a cuppa and a chat about John’s experience of cyling in and around Swindon.  John has lived here since 1978 and Lew asked him if he had always cycled…..

Podcast 16 Mark Butler from E-Motion talks E-Bikes

You may have noticed that some of our more senior cyclists are whizzing past the almost stationery traffic. Look closer and you may see they are riding an electric bike.  Sales of E bikes are increasing and are set to be a significant part of the cycle market in a few years so Lew Lawton went to speak to Mark Butler of E-motion, 373 Cricklade Rd, Swindon SN2 1AQ.   If you want to try an E Bike Call the shop on 01793  251200

Podcast 15  Tony Staples and Lew Lawton provide advice for getting your bike through the Winter

Many cyclists, Tony and Lew included,  have a “winter bike”.  Often a bike that used to be a pride and joy until they bought a new one.  But if you haven’t got the space for, or don’t want a second bike then here’s some advice about getting your bike and you ready for the weather that’s about to come our way.  In this country it is generally possible to ride through the winter but we would advise avoiding cycling in the snow or when the roads are icy.  If there is a risk of black ice think about getting the bus to work, or better still work from home if you can.   And here’s a link to the Monty Python Bicycle Repair Man sketch.  I would switch it off for the last 10 seconds if your children are watching   

Podcast 14   Geoff Elliot-Howell   Hand Cycling


Have you ever thought that people who are unable to use their legs could not ride a bike?  Well  My guest in this podcast, Geoff Elliott-Howell and hundreds of other hand cyclists can prove you wrong.   Not only does Geoff use his hand cycle to get to work, he also takes on some tough challenges.  The photo on the left is Geoff and his colleague at the top of Mont Ventoux (notice how cold it is)  nr Avignon in France (1911  metres) whilst the photo on the right is him tackling Alpe D’huez, the french mountain where Geraint Thomas this year cemented what was to be his first Tour de France victory.  Note Geoff did both these notorious climbs on a hand operated cycle.  Have a click below and listen to his story

The crime ref  number if you know of that souped up Silver Vauxhall Corsa that knocked Dave Parkin off his bike in Common Platt on Weds 10 Oct at around midday is 54180095883  Call 101 and ask for Pc McVey  or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555111.

You can find out more about the things Geoff mentioned here  and

Podcast 13   Simon Styles   Recycles Shop

Several years ago Swindon Cyclist and Bike Mechanic Simon Styles was chosen to be the manager of a Salvation Army Social Enterprise based in Swindon. The recycles shop recycles cycles but there’s more to it than that as Lew went to find out.. but first a reminder about the many cycling clubs in Swindon



Podcast 12  Dick Millard   Swindon Cycle Campaign

Dick is active in many volunteer roles in Swindon.   He is a keen cyclists and believes more people should think about turning pedals rather than ignition keys.  Find out why our latest podcast.



Podcast 11  Jen Purcell The Breeze Champion

Lew meets up With Jen Purcell. She is the British Cycling local Breeze representative and means she encourages other ladies to get on their bikes. She has her finger in quite a few cycling pies as you can hear



Podcast 10   Hargroves Cycles Birthday Bash and Ex Swindon Cyclist Ian Lawrence 

in this edition Lew talks to Mark Sealey of Hargroves cycles about their Birthday Bash on 27th Sept, in which roller racing (see old pic) gives you the opportunity to sprint 250 metres without leaving the shop, and to celebrate 8 years of Hargroves in Swindon.  He then meets an ex Swindon Cyclist who works on the Tour Of Britain every year and learns something about one of the other Swindon 105.5 presenters






Podcast 9   Paul Ashman Cycling and the Recycles Road Cycling Club

In this edition Lew Lawton takes a bike ride into Swindon Town Centre to the Salvation Army’s Recycles shop to meet Paul Ashman who amongst other things helps children in local schools to learn about cycling and he is secretary of the shop’s very own cycling club which welcomes beginner cyclists as members.  While you are reading this a mention that Hargroves cycles will be having a bit of bash on 28th Sept at 6pm to celebrate their 8th year in Swindon, more in next weeks podcast

In future podcasts we will hear from Mark Sealey at Hargroves and from a Swindonian from Park North , who now lives in spain working asa cycle guide but comes back every year to work on the Tour of Britain (nice work if you can get it!!).  We will also hear from Jen Purcell about British Cyclings initiatives to help get more ladies out on bikes


Podcast 8   featuring Geraint Thomas and Conner Swift

Lots to listen to; The Cycle Show at the NEC in Birmingham in September, Two cycling greats who are competing in the Tour of Briatin, Getting into track cycling and news of a Bike Maint Course that Lew Lawton is running in October.

Podcast 7  Swindon’s Youngest Cycling Club

A couple of editions ago we heard from the Wheelers, Swindon’s oldest cycling club.  This week, Stephen Jordan tells us about his introduction to cycling and how this spawned the launch of Swindon’s newest Cycling Club.   Note that the Espresso refers to the coffee not the speed that this group cycle at.  Find out more about the club by searching for Darkroom Espresso Cycling Club on facebook.  The interview was recorded in the Darkroom Espresso Coffee shop on Faringdon road (where else?) so please excuse the back ground noise!!!.  This is an extended version of the Swindon105.5 due for broadcast on 31st Aug 2018.


Podcast 6.  One lady’s story. due for broadcast 24 Aug 2108  Tracey Middleton came back to cycling after a 40 year break.   Her’s is an inspirational story.  She has gone from being a timid bike rider capable of riding a few miles to a competent cyclist who has recently done 100 miles in a day, climbed an iconic col from the Tour de France and  now regularly competes in 10 mile time trials.   Lew first met her about 5 years ago and caught with her over a cuppa recently.

Tracey at summit of Alpe D’huez  in July 18,  The day before Geraint Thomas got there


Tracey on a time trial on Ermin Street, Latton in Aug 2108  .  Photo reproduced courtesy of



Podcast 5   Thinking of buying a new Bike?  Lew Lawton visits Swindon’s oldest bike shop and finds out what to consider when buying a new bike.


Podcast 4  The opening of the BMX Track at Wroughton For more information on the track at Wroughton go to

Please remember that when using the track, both brakes must be working, be courteous to other users, wear a helmet and gloves are recommended.


Podcast 3 Checking Your Bike   All Ability Cycling

The third podcast due for broadcast on Swindon 105.5 during week commencing 22 July looks at cycling events this coming week end and covers checking your bike to make sure that it is safe and we meet people involved with cycling for health and for people with disabilities in Swindon.   Below you will find the Mobile Cycle Medic guide to checking your bike.

M Check rec by MCM JUly 18 for cycling podcast


Podcast 2 Cleaning Your Bike and Joining a Club due for broadcast 20 July 2018

The second podcast explains why and how to clean your bike and Lew goes on a ride with the Swindon Wheelers

Podcast 1 Cycling in Swindon and The Swindon Cycle Fest

Lew Lawton may have stopped running the Mobile Cycle Medic business but he is still very involved with Swindon Cycling.  He is just about to start a new mini programme about cycling on Swindon 105.5  In his first broadcast, due on Fri 13th July 2018,  he talks to the Swindon Cycle Campaign and to the organiser’s of this year’s Swindon Cycle Fest