Podcast 1 Cycling in Swindon and The Swindon Cycle Fest

Lew Lawton may have stopped running the Mobile Cycle Medic business but he is still very involved with Swindon Cycling.  He is just about to start a new mini programme about cycling on Swindon 105.5  www.swindon1055.com.  In his first broadcast, due on Fri 13th July 2018,  he talks to the Swindon Cycle Campaign and to the organiser’s of this year’s Swindon Cycle Fest

Podcast 2 Cleaning Your Bike and Joining a Club due for broadcast 20 July 2018

The second podcast explains why and how to clean your bike and Lew goes on a ride with the Swindon Wheelers


Podcast 3 Checking Your Bike   All Ability Cycling

The third podcast due for broadcast on Swindon 105.5 during week commencing 22 July looks at cycling events this coming week end and covers checking your bike to make sure that it is safe and we meet people involved with cycling for health and for people with disabilities in Swindon.   Below you will find the Mobile Cycle Medic guide to checking your bike.

M Check rec by MCM JUly 18 for cycling podcast

Podcast 4  The opening of the BMX Track at Wroughton and Buying a Bike