Lew Lawton , the mechanic who set up Mobile Cycle Medic 10 years ago is using his new found spare time to get out on his bike.  He is riding the Prudentail Ride London 100 mile event at the end of July 2018.   This is his story about why!!


Ex Major (TOT) Chas Dowie is an old friend of mine who is now in a wheel chair having contracted Motor Neurone Disease a couple of years ago.  The prognosis is not good.  I met him last year and was humbled by his fortitude, good humour and the fact that he is helping the MND association.

“Chas Dowie served in the Army (Royal Signals) for 33 years; he was very active and enjoyed successful athletics career whilst serving in the military. He ran 100m, 200m and 400m for the army and combined services; he also ran at county level and was the Army’s 200m champion for 2 years.
He also loved long distance running, orienteering and skiing. He was skiing when he first noticed the signs that something was wrong, he started to fall over and couldn’t get up and started to notice that he didn’t have full control over his legs and started to lose power/ function in his muscles. He noticed that his physical abilities started to change, and he identified symptoms indicative of MND.
Chas volunteered for full body MRI scans and (needle-less) EMG testing. The results of that research has been published and the outcome is a much quicker diagnosis of MND – and an objective tool for assessing MND ‘cures’. Chas was only 1 of 3 people to complete this research in UK.

Care for the carer is his mantra – hope you can appreciate that.

If you have got this far – can I ask you to go a little further and consider a small donation to MND research via


I have decided to do the Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100 in July to raise funds for the MND association, so they can help folk like Chas, who as you can see was an athletic man in former days.

Please consider donating a few pounds to the MND Association via my just giving page

www.justgiving.com/lewis-lawton2   and don’t forget to gift aid your donation if you can.

Many thanks   Lew Lawton