Welcome to Cycling in 2018

As the Jingle Bells and Auld Lang Syne fade into the distance that was 2017, it’s time to start planning your cycling in 2018, or to consider what to get your loved one for Valentine’s day, maybe a new set of tyres or a more comfortable saddle. Most bikes would love a new set of tyres!!!!!

What rides are you going to do? Any new challenges on the Horizon? Will you persuade someone else to come cycling with you? or at least get the old steed out of the garage.  There’s loads of cycling available in Swindon and the surrounding area.   One place to look is you’re new or coming back to cycling is www.letsride.co.uk     The Annual Macmillan Castles Bike held in early June now offers routes for mountain bikes and road bikes.   There are at least 7 clubs or groups  serving all types of cyclists, a great Swindon Cycle Map, available at libraries and other locations such as our good local bike shops and we even have our own Mountain Bike Course near the big Nationwide building on Pipers Way.   Several people and the council are also working in the background to improve cycling in Swindon and perhaps even to get a closed road circuit up and running.   For those with mobility problesm there are are also twice weekly sessions in the safe environment of the County Ground running track held on Mondays at 10 and Thursday at 1, both for an hour and a 2 hour drop in session on Fridays between 10 and 12.  You don’t even need a bike for these session as they have a big range of bikes for you to borrow (NOTE not Hire!!)

Why not consider looking at doing a three or even four counties ride… Oxfordshire, WestBerks and Gloucestershire are with just a few miles of Swindon (Wilsthire makes it four of course!)

Let’s make 2018 a great Year for Cycling in the Swindon and Shrivenham areas.