To help keep the motivation going I created a playlist of hi energy tunes to play whilst climbing Mont Ventoux.  Each ride was 2 to 3 hours riding, continually pushing the pedals over gradients ranging from 5 to 13%.  I kept the volume low so I could hear any traffic.   PS I have just invested in the latest Bone Conduction Ear Pieces which leave my ears open.


My Mont Ventoux Playlist

Killer.  Adamski   Openning lines “Lonelyness is the killer”

Feel the vibe  Axwell

9pm (till I Come). ATB

Sandstorm   Darude   Actually no sand just rocks

Nightmare. Brainbug

Operation Blade. Public Domain

Saltwater. Chicane

Greece 2000. Three Drives

Blow Ya Mind.  Lock’n’Load

The Theme. Jurgen Vries

Strange World.  Push

Everyday.  Agneil and Nielson

Beautiful.   Matt Derey

Time to Burn.  Storm

Rhythm of the Night.  Corona

Not over yet.   Grace   once at the top it is over

Born Slippy.   Underworld

Lady hear me tonight.   Modjo

Take me to the Clouds above. LMC Vs U2   title says it all really

Touch me.   Rue De Silva

It feels so good.    Sonique   yup at the top it does feel so good

Out of touch.   Uniting Nations

You’re a Superstar.  Love Inc.  I felt like a star

The Weekend.   Michael Gray

Good Luck.   Basement Jaxx    not that I needed good luck

I Like the Way.   BodyRockers   did anybody like the way I moved?

It’s Love.  Goldtrix

Praise You.    Fatboy Slim

Rock da House.  Tall Paul

Bullet in the Gun.   Planet Perfection

Resurection.  PPK

Castles in the Sky.  Ian Van Dahl

Tocas’s Miracle.   Fragma

Pretty Green Eyes.  Ultrabeat

Fly on the wings of Love. XTM

THe Logical Song.  Scooter

Set You Free.   N Trance

The Power.  Snap

Pump up the Jam.  Technotronic

Everybody’s Free.   Rozalle

Dreamer.    Livin’ Joy

No limit. 2 unlimited.  (Check out the lyrics for mountain riding)

The Key, The Secret.  Urban Cookie Collective

Sunshine after the rain.   Berri   3 days no rain  supa

Dont give me your life.  Alex Party

Disco’s Revenge.  Gusto

Anthem.    N Joy

Free.  Ultranate

Get Up.   Byron Stingley

The Real Thing. Toni di Bart

Two can play that game.  Bobby Brown

Groove is in the Heart.   Dee-lite

Horny.    Moose T

Finally.   Ce Ce Peniston

Le Disc Jockey.  Encore

Keep on Jumpin.   Tod Terry

In Your Arm(Recsue Me). Nu Generation

Keep it up.   Sharade House Gang

Many of these tracks feature on Dave Pearce’s Dance Anthems  or Floorfiller Club Classics.   Need to find my copy of encore une fois and a couple of other classics that pumped the floor when I was Dj’ing