I received this letter from  Paul Tuohy Chief Executive Cycling UK

Would you be prepared to donate a small sum to help educate bad motorists for the benefit of all cyclists ??

Dear Lewis

For the majority of cyclists throughout the UK, close passes can be an almost daily occurrence. I don’t need to tell you how intimidating they are, we all know it, and all want something to be done about it.

That’s why today Cycling UK has launched our Too Close for Comfort campaign: to put an end to dangerously close overtaking.

We’ve seen the excellent work done by West Midlands Police with their innovative and cost efficient ‘Give Space, Be Safe’ operation. Plain clothes officers out on bikes have been pulling over close passing drivers, and using a ‘safe pass’ mat have educated (and prosecuted where necessary) them on how to carry out safer overtaking.

I want to see every police force throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland doing the same, which is why we need to raise £12,000 and are appealing to you to help us. With this money we will, make sure every police force can educate drivers how to overtake vulnerable road users safely, just like West Midlands Police.

But why should we have to stump up our cash for the police? It’s simple really, years of government cuts has left them under resourced where we would like to see it most: roads policing.

Our campaign will help make cycling safer, not just for you, but your family, friends and everyone else

We only need 1,200 of our members to donate just £10 to make this happen and put an end to overtaking that is too close for comfort.

I hope I can count on your support – just head to www.cyclinguk.org/toocloseforcomfort.

Yours in cycling,

 cycling mat

Paul Tuohy

Chief Executive Cycling UK