As an adult, whether you wear a helmet or not is a personal decision. Helmets certainly don’t reduce accidents, only safe cycling can do that. If you have the misfortune to be unseated from your bike, a helmet can reduce the amount of damage to your skull and your brain. Personally, I feel there is a different argument in favour of kids wearing helmets because:

  • They are more likely to fall due to inexperience
  • They often fall when starting and stopping
  • Their skulls are thinner than an adult’s skull
  • They tend to do childish things like bumping up and down kerbs
However, one thing that does make me mad is when I see someone who has decided to buy and wear a helmet that does not fit properly!
Too often it is on the back of their head, not much protection when you fall on your forehead!
Too often the straps are loose, meaning it will be off their head before their head hits the ground.
Here is my MCM Helmet Fitting Guide to help you get the right fit.
Safe Cycling!